Agile localization for tech companies

Crowdin is a cloud-based solution that streamlines localization management for your team. It's the perfect place to effectively manage all of your multilingual content.

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All of your multilingual content in one place

Crowdin brings people, content, and technology together. It allows you to streamline the localization process and keep your workflow agile.

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  • Automazione

    Make your product multilingual. Give translators access to the latest content. Deploy completed translations automatically.

  • Cooperazione

    Invite your teammates and translators to work with you. Create tasks, generate reports, and watch your workflow advance in real time.

  • Qualità

    Discuti e modifica le traduzioni online. Fornire contenuto extra, mantieni la voce del tuo marchio e sfrutta le ultime tecnologie.

Come funziona

Localization that runs in parallel with your team's progress

Integrate content Consegna la traduzione Traduci efficientemente Manage and monitor work
Integrate content Manage and monitor work

Crowdin is a single company-wide localization solution that provides flexibility, speed, and reliability.

Automate content updates and other routine tasks, streamline workflow, enhance productivity, and boost cooperation with convenient tools. Your progress will never be stalled by a tardy translation.

Traduci efficientemente Consegna la traduzione

Cosa dicono i clienti su Crowdin

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"At Eagle Eye Networks we provide cloud-based video surveillance platforms that are built to scale. With a growing number of worldwide connections, local data centers on every continent, and continues feature updates - we need to deliver and maintain our products in a wide range of languages. Managing multiple languages while adding new features like analytics, new camera support, and white labels can be a tough challenge. Thanks to Crowdin we can deliver a global service for a local audience. The option to connect with translating services of our own choice, helped us find the best value for our money without the need to switch platforms."

Rishi Lodhia,
Managing Director, Eagle Eye Networks
  • For engineering teams

    You'll never have to delay deployment because of a translation again. Speed up development with automated content synchronization.

  • Per team di marketing

    Speaking your customers' language is a snap - now you can create multilingual content as easily as monolingual content.

  • For customer success teams

    Be just the help your customers need. Easily create a multilingual knowledge base. Work like your translation team is just next door.

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Bring all the people and content you need together on Crowdin. Make your current choices more efficient or enhance your workflow with automation.

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