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Companies and teams all around the world rely on Crowdin to handle continuous localization as part of the development process.

Join the community of more than a million people cooperating on localization projects within Crowdin to seamlessly localize software and maintain translation quality.

Guarda i nostri clienti

Traduci e gestisci i processi in modo migliore e più velocemente

Localizza qualsiasi tipo di contenuto

Simplify and accelerate translation of mobile & web apps, games & help desks.

Seamlessly integrate with the tools you love

Synchronize source texts and translations between your localization project in Crowdin and your repository, knowledge base, and more.

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Translate your product with the best team

Invite your in-house translators, proofreaders, and managers to cooperate on the localization project in Crowdin.

Choose one of the Crowdin Vendors. Professional translation agencies that are ready to bring your product to the world.

Ask your product's community to contribute. Motivate them to help with translations into their native language.

At Eagle Eye Networks we provide cloud-based video surveillance platforms that are built to scale. With a growing number of worldwide connections, local data centers on every continent, and continues feature updates - we need to deliver and maintain our products in a wide range of languages. Managing multiple languages while adding new features like analytics, new camera support, and white labels can be a tough challenge. Thanks to Crowdin we can deliver a global service for a local audience. The option to connect with translating services of our own choice, helped us find the best value for our money without the need to switch platforms.

Rishi Lodhia
Managing Director, Eagle Eye Networks

Rendi la localizzazione parte del tuo sviluppo

Rilasci l'app
Raccogli il contenuto traducibile
Crei una build
Traduzioni in Crowdin
Importa file su CVS (SVN, Git...)

Crowdin provides powerful tools to manage localization for projects of any type and any size. With a localization management platform, you get continuous localization, reporting, and simple workflow management.

L'automazione è una cosa magnifica!

So you are agile. You use project management tool to manage tasks, GIT to manage source code. If you work on a multilingual project and do not use a localization management tool, the value of the mentioned tools is squandered.

Here at Crowdin, we observe tens of thousands of localization projects. We do our best to give you the best practice and technology.

Sergey Dmytryshyn Amministratore delegato di Crowdin
Advanced Restful API

Streamline the daily localization-related tasks of your engineering team using our REST API. Easily add new content for translation to your Crowdin project, Check the translation status, and merge new translations.

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Command Line Integration Tool

Integrate easier Crowdin with your build or CI server. Connect Crowdin CLI directly to your version control system and never deal with localization files manually again.

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